Shipping and Returns

Flat Rate Shipping. 100% Guarantee.

Flat Rate Domestic & World-Wide Shipping

Fåreskind prides itself on the ability deliver to every corner of the world.  A flat rate system is used to make shipping as easy and inexpensive as possible. Fåreskind charges FREE shipping & handling to the continental United States (48 States) and charges a flat rate of $25 for international shipping & handling (except to Canada which is $10).

The Fåreskind 30 Day Return/Exchange Policy Guarantee

Not sastified with your new Fåreskind? Dont worry! If you don’t like the model, color or size, Fåreskind will return or exchange it for you. Returns and exchanges are accepted as long the Fåreskind is same condition you received them in, which means they are brand new. If you would like to return or exchange your Fåreskind cozy please contact us at and we will send you further instructions. *Returns & Exchanges will not be accepted 30 days after receiving your Fåreskind.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Domestic Orders usually take between 5-10 days to arrive to your address from the moment you purchase it on our website unless the item is backordered, in which case it can then take 2-6 weeks for delivery. International Orders typically take between 14-20 business days to arrive due to the fact that our shipping center is located in the US.

Can we pay in Euro, Pound or other currencies?

Yes. Fåreskind accepts Credit Cards and PayPal in all currencies of the world. So payment will be processed with whatever currency you prefer.

Do I have to add shipping to the price?

Fåreskind automatically adds shipping to your total cost during the checkout process. So everything is automatically done. All you have to do is press the purchase button and Fåreskind will process the rest.